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We have three primary tax relief services:

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FTBtaxservices.com is a company dedicated to helping businesses and individuals resolve Current and past IRS and State Tax problems that arise from unpaid State and federal back taxes, unfilled returns, identity theft issues,wrong social security numbers, late filings, auditsbank liens, spousal issues and more. We help people nationwide using tax resolution methods and services based on their unique tax situation.

Below is a list of the most common problems arising from unpaid back taxes and solutions that FTB Tax Services offer to deal with unpaid tax settlement issues. If you do not know the best solution to your tax problem, click on your tax problem for information about that problem as well as the best solutions for dealing with that problem. FTB Tax Services can help with all tax problems. We have a tax relief plan for all types of IRS & State agency issues. With our 23 years of expertise, let us make your life less stressful. Call today to get your free consultation and case started 888-829-4391.

Tax Problems

  • Can’t Pay Back Taxes
    Unpaid taxes is the start of the IRS collection process, FTB Tax Services can take action take action early for you and prevent penalties and interest.FTB Tax Services will find the best tax relief solution for your Federal and State Taxes situation.
  • IRS Penalties and Interest
    Penalties and interest arise from the Internal Revenue Service determining you have unpaid back taxes or you have made a late filing, FTB Tax services knows all of the updated laws and we can use them to your advantgage to possibly get some penalties removed.
  • IRS Notices and CP Letters
    Once the Feds determine you owe back taxes they will then begin to take collection actions. FTB Tax Services knows the proper way to respond to the IRS & State Agencies based on the letter you have received. We can take action before collection issues arise on your behalf and protect you from bank levies, wage garnishment, property seizures and other forms of IRS Collection methods.
  • Tax Lien
    A tax lien is another step the IRS takes toward actual forced collection of back taxes owed. A lien will significantly hurt your financial situation and future ability to take out loans or borrow on credit. It could destroy your credit. FTB Tax Services can work for you to get these liens removed & help restore your credit rating which also helps your future employment opportunities.
  • Tax Levy
    A tax levy is the strongest weapon of the IRS, this is when they will begin seizing any assets and property that they can legally take from you. FTB Tax Services can protect you from these actions.
  • IRS Wage Garnishment
    IRS wage garnishment is one of the most common forms of levy used by the IRS.FTB Tax Services Understand how a wage levy works and what laws can be used to release the levy. We can help get your levy released.
  • IRS Bank Levy
    An IRS bank levy can be a financially devastating collection mechanism used by the IRS.FTB Tax Services Understand how the process works and what can be done to stop the levy or prevent the IRS from using a bank levy again. We will put our team of experts to work for you to get a levy released.
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
    Unfiled returns can lead to some of the biggest problems with the IRS. FTB Tax services can file all types of past & present tax forms including personal, corporate, partnership, trust funds.and non profit returns.
  • IRS Audit
    If you are one of the unlucky few that gets picked for an audit, you need a professional firm like FTB Tax Services to represent you. We understand what an audit is all about and will take the appropriate actions to protect you against additional taxation by the IRS & State Agencies.
  • Small Business Tax Problems
    Common problems small business face when it comes to dealing with the IRS. Every business owner should be aware of the common problems because the IRS can easily destroy any business. FTB Tax Services can represent you and your business against payroll issues, audits,bank levies, property seizures and other collection issues your business is facing.

Tax Resolutions & Solutions

  • Tax Settlement
    Understand what a tax settlement is, who the IRS offers them to, how a tax settlement works and how you can settle taxes owed with the IRS. FTB Tax Services are experts in this field. We know the laws and can help you with you tax situation. to come up with a favorable settlement you can live with.
  • File Back Taxes
    FTB Tax Services can file all of your back taxes ASAP. Let FTB Tax Services voluntarily file your old tax returns. Don’t think the IRS won’t find you because they will. The IRS has a slow, but efficient computerized system. By having us file your returns, you are more likely to get more deductions and owe less taxes on past & current taxes due
  • Currently not Collectible or Prove Financial Hardship
    FTB Tax Services can use current laws in place to stop collection actions against you and provide you with a fresh start.
  • IRS Penalty Abatement
    Remove penalties and interest you received from paying or filing your taxes late. There are many excuses the IRS will accept that will allow you to eliminate the majority of your penalties and possibly some of the interest. FTB Tax Services employ complex knowledge of the law and tax strategies to work towards getting these penalties removed.
  • Filing Unfiled Tax Returns
    It is never to late to file your returns.FTB Tax Services can do this for you before the IRS finds you. We help you Gather the proper documentation and complete your returns both past & peresent so you get all of the deduction your are legally entitled to. .
  • Offer In Compromise
    If you ever heard of settling for pennies on the dollar, this is how it is done. With an offer in compromise you can settle IRS taxes for far less than the actual amount owed if you meet a strict set of qualifications determined by the IRS. FTB Tax Services deals with the IRS & State Agencies daily. We know the complex formulas and laws and correct amounts to offer the IRS to be successful for you. Let us got to work for you and use our tax expertise to your advantage. You need our team fighting for you.
  • Pay Back Taxes
    Some ways you can pay off your tax amounts owed.FTB Tax Services researches current IRS trends to find the best way to deal with paying off back taxes. We Understand the different ways you can pay back the IRS. We can help you save time and money when resolving your unpaid taxes.
  • Settle Back Taxes
    Ways to settle back taxes with the IRS. Find out what is the best way for you to settle based on your current financial situation.
  • Settling Business Payroll Taxes
    Resolving payroll taxes cannot be an easy task since the IRS considers being delinquent on these types of taxes stealing. You still have your taxpayer rights and this type of taxation can still be resolved.FTB Tax Services can work with the IRS on your payroll audit. We can help resolve issues relating to payroll and Trust Fund Penalties. Protect partners from owing payroll taxes and work towards a settlement.
  • Back Taxes Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions and answers to common questions about back tax problems.

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